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The latest, and second to last, offering from The Baseball Project is titled "The Way It's Gonna Be?." The music and lyrics were co-written by Steve Wynn and Scott McCaughey, and the fluctuating playoff picture created a need for some late tweaks to get the song and it's postseason predictions ready for today.

"The lyrics were the hard part -- not because we were stuck for inspiration and rhyme schemes but rather because we wrote the song in mid-September and had to allow for picking teams that might not even make the postseason," Wynn said via e-mail Saturday night before all the National League playoff teams were nailed down Sunday. "I went the easy route by picking two teams that were pretty much a sure bet. Scott took the more nail-biting route by going with the Giants."

McCaughey also happens to be a huge San Francisco Giants fan, adding an emotional element to the creative process.

"What's nerve-wracking is watching the Giants, who had it all but locked up, make me dangle in the wind each day by falling to the Padres. ARRRGGGH! This is wreaking havoc on me both because of allegiance and because of the song," he said in an e-mail Saturday.

Like his bandmate, Wynn said the games have caused more anxiety. Wynn grew up in Los Angeles as a Dodgers fan, and after living in New York for many years, he's a die-hard Yankees fan.

"Finishing the song was a breeze," Wynn said. "It's been much more nerve-wracking to watch the Yankees and wonder if they can come up with a No. 2 starter. Oh, and then there was the nervousness of wondering if San Francisco would even make the playoffs. I found myself rooting for the Giants, merely for the sake of the song. And rooting for the Giants is a weird feeling for a native Los Angeleno."

Toss in bassist Peter Buck's Athens, Ga., roots and drummer Linda Pitmon's Minnesota connection and The Baseball Project's teams are well represented in these playoffs.

"The Way It's Gonna Be" is the eighth entry in The Baseball Project's season-long Broadside Ballads series of songs that the band is giving away for free on's The Life. Read more here:


from Broadside Ballads, released March 9, 2010


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